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How To Buy Meat Direct From a Farmer: Arkansas

Buying meat direct from a farmer has become easier in recent times. Over the last couple of years, there has been a big shift to moving traditional businesses online. One industry to benefit is the direct farmer to consumer, providing the farmgate to plate experience.

If you want to buy half a cow, or any meat directly from a farmer, it’s easy – once you find them. The difficulty lies in finding the right local farmer or butcher that has the products you want and is either located near you, or delivers to you. This post will list local farmers that you can purchase meat directly from in Arkansas.

If you want to:

  • Buy bulk meat in Arkansas
  • Buy higher quality meat in Arkansas
  • Support your local farmers
  • Allocate some (or all) of your meat purchases away from the major grocery stores

Then let’s dive in!

Buy Meat from a farmer

Buy Half a Cow: Arkansas

Buy half a cow

Barham’s Ozark Beef is proud to provide all-natural, sweet potato and corn fed, pasture-raised beef. Our Arkansas grown, USDA inspected beef is guaranteed to be free of antibiotics and added hormones. Cattle rancher, Charlie Barham, began raising and caring for cattle nearly 40 years ago on his farm in Ozark, Arkansas. He’s mastered his craft and provides sustainable and healthy ways to ensure his herd is fat and happy! With a steady diet of improved pasture, sweet potatoes, and corn from the day they are weened, the result is tasty, marbleized beef the entire family will consistently enjoy.

DELIVERY: Arkansas

BUY: Sides of beef

Buy half a cow

Here at Flying C Ranch we’re proud to bring our way of life to families throughout Arkansas with our farm-fresh, pastured raised beef. On our cattle farm we raise our 300 head of cattle in a free-range, humane environment that is truly remarkable—cattle roam freely over green pastures and graze at their leisure. They are afforded all the grand necessities you can expect to find for properly raised cattle; clean water, wholesome feed and plenty of space. Just like the days of old.

DELIVERY: Pickup at Conway Farmer’s Market, Contact for delivery

BUY: Sides of beef

BUY: Individual cuts and extras

Located in Elkins, AR, our farm covers 143 acres of pasture and woodland. Jim Isbell runs the farm with help from his wife Karen and two small children, Hunter and Molly, who chase butterflies and gather eggs. Jim and Karen started the farm so they could feed their family fresh, all-natural meat and eggs.

DELIVERY: Arkansas, most other states

BUY: Sides of beef, pork. Bulk sampler boxes

BUY: Individual cuts and extras

buy half a cow, sheep, pork

We take pride in crafting tender and flavorful, 100% grass-fed beef. We place a premium on land sustainability and animal welfare because we feel God has given us these resources to steward. We use a rotational grazing system that allows our animals to eat fresh grass all year while also preserving the Osage Creek water supply that runs through our property. Though our farm has been around for 80 years, we started finishing our cattle on grass and selling locally in 2015. We have loved becoming part of the local food system and we can’t wait to be a part of your family’s table.

DELIVERY: Pick up Fayetteville

BUY: Sides of beef, pork, lamb.

BUY: Individual cuts and extras

Buy half a lamb

Your friendly sheep farmer dedicated to bringing you the best possible dorper sheep and the most delicious meats! Located in Strawberry Arkansas, and serving all of Arkansas, southern MO, and west TN. We work with farmers looking to establish white dorper sheep herds, or anyone looking for a delicious leg of lamb or other lamb meat!

DELIVERY: Pick up farm – Strawberry AR

BUY: Sides of lamb.

Are you a farmer or rancher based in or delivering to Arkansas? Do you sell meat direct to consumer? If you would like to be listed here, please contact us to add your listing.