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How To Buy Meat Direct From a Farmer: Colorado

Buying meat direct from a farmer has become easier in recent times. Over the last couple of years, there has been a big shift to moving traditional businesses online. One industry to benefit is the direct farmer to consumer, providing the farmgate to plate experience.

If you want to buy half a cow, or any meat directly from a farmer, it’s easy – once you find them. The difficulty lies in finding the right local farmer or butcher that has the products you want and is either located near you, or delivers to you. This post will list local farmers that you can purchase meat directly from in Colorado.

If you want to:

  • Buy bulk meat in Colorado
  • Buy higher quality meat in Colorado
  • Support your local farmers
  • Allocate some (or all) of your meat purchases away from the major grocery stores

Then let’s dive in!

Buy Meat from a farmer

Buy Half a Cow: Colorado

Buy half a cow

We believe in producing naturally raised beef, for our family and yours. Since 1923, our family has been farming and ranching in Northeastern Colorado. Over four generations we have perfected the art and science of producing Red Angus cattle that deliver flavor-packed, mouthwatering, tender beef.

Our cattle roam the expansive plains of Eastern Colorado so they grow, naturally, the way nature intended and are finished on a corn-based diet here on the ranch for the unmistakable classic flavor and marbling corn delivers.

DELIVERY: Colorado and all other states

BUY: Sides of beef, beef boxes

Buy half a cow

Ordering from Flying B Bar Ranch is like having your own personal butcher. Grass fed beef orders range anywhere from a single steak or ground beef package to an eighth beef all the way up to a whole beef.

All of our grass fed cattle are Wagyu/Angus or Angus. Wagyu the very same breed that produces the world-famous Kobe beef.  Known for its richness in flavor and increased health benefits, you can now savor the taste of  ‘Colorado Kobe’ right from home. Experience the goodness of humanely raised, certified and inspected grass fed meats while supporting Colorado grown businesses.

All of our grass fed beef is antibiotic, hormone and steroid free and NEVER any grain or corn..

DELIVERY: Colorado and all other states

BUY: Sides of beef, beef boxes

BUY: Individual cuts and extras

Buy half a pig

We are a small farm in Franktown, Colorado that raises and produces all natural pork. Our hogs only eat quality feed, vegetables/fruits and alfalfa. No antibiotics, no hormones, no injections, no table scraps.

What you will not find on our farm are unhappy hogs. They have plenty of space to run around and explore.

DELIVERY: Farm Pickup – Franktown; Contact for local delivery

BUY: Sides of pork

BUY: Individual cuts and extras

buy half a cow, sheep, pork

By purchasing meat from Buckner Family Ranch, you ensure that your dollars are spent supporting a small, local, family-run business (3 generations working & living together) and on quality, responsibly-raised meat. In essence, you are supporting agriculture that raises animals the way nature intended.

DELIVERY: Farm Pickup – Boulder County; Contact for local delivery

BUY: Sides of beef, lamb, pork

BUY: Individual cuts and extras

Are you a farmer or rancher based in or delivering to Colorado? Do you sell meat direct to consumer? If you would like to be listed here, please contact us to add your listing.

No website? No problem! We can discuss suitable options for listing your business.