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How To Buy Meat Direct From a Farmer: Western Australia

Buying meat direct from a farmer has become easier in recent times. Over the last couple of years, there has been a big shift to moving traditional businesses online. One industry to benefit is the direct farmer to consumer, providing the farmgate to plate experience.

If you want to buy half a cow, or any meat directly from a farmer, it’s easy – once you find them. The difficulty lies in finding the right local farmer or butcher that has the products you want and is either located near you, or delivers to you. This post will list local farmers that you can purchase meat directly from in Western Australia.

If you want to:

  • Buy bulk meat in Western Australia
  • Buy higher quality meat in Western Australia
  • Support your local Aussie farmers
  • Allocate some (or all) of your meat purchases away from the major supermarkets

Then let’s dive in!

Buy Meat from a farmer

Buy Half a Cow: Western Australia

buy half a cow, sheep, pork

We are WA’s leading 100% online organic, free-range butcher. All orders are placed online for either delivery or pick up. All our products are ethically sourced, free from antibiotics, pesticides, hormones and 100% gluten free. We proudly support WA farmers who share our philosophy.

DELIVERY: Perth Metro, Perth Hills, Regional

BUY: Sides of beef, lamb, pork

BUY: Individual cuts and extras

free range butcher

We had always thought that issues such as the food we eat, where it comes from, and ‘going local’ was important; as is the environment and issues of sustainability. Not only did we want that for ourselves but we could also provide it, in some form, for others. Black Barn Hill is our response. As avid lovers of our lamb we want to be able to share that with the rest of Tassie, providing some really great produce, direct from our place to yours.

DELIVERY: All Western Australia

BUY: Sides of beef, lamb, pork. Poultry

BUY: Mixed packs

Buy half a cow

At Leeuwin Grass-fed we pride ourselves on producing prime beef and lamb. We use the best farming practises to ensure that our cattle and sheep are stress-free, hormone-free and raised 100% on grass. Our cattle and sheep are free to graze at their leisure and by using Low-Stress Handling techniques our cattle and sheep live a happy life which is very important.

DELIVERY: Augusta, Perth northern suburbs

BUY: Sides of beef

Are you a farmer or rancher based in or delivering to Western Australia? Do you sell meat direct to consumer? If you would like to be listed here, please contact us to add your listing.