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Living the Carnivore Lifestyle

If you’ve just started the Carnivore Diet and you’re wondering how to fit that into your lifestyle – we have the tips and tricks for you.

The Carnivore Diet is quite simple really, and doesn’t require a bunch of fancy products.  Just buy some meat, cook it and eat.

We do however, constantly look for products that will make our lifestyle easier and more delicious and will review those products as we come across them.

Ready to find the perfect products for your Carnivore lifestyle?  First up obviously, is meat.  Let’s dive in!

Where is the best place to buy meat?

There are three main places to buy meat from:

  • Supermarkets/grocery stores
  • Direct from farmers and farmer markets
  • Online meat delivery/subscription boxes

The best place to buy meat is the place that provides you with the best quality of meat for your budget.  In an ideal world, we could all eat grass-fed, grass-finished, organic, biodynamic, regeneratively grown meat, but that simply isn’t an affordable option for most people.

We recommend first and foremost to fit the Carnivore Diet to your budget.  Is mass-produced, grain-fed, supermarket meat ideal? No, but that doesn’t matter and it shouldn’t discourage you from eating it. It is leaps and bounds better for your health than eating a Standard American Diet (SAD) full of ultra-processed foods (UPFs).

Fit the Carnivore Diet to your budget.  If your budget is small, scour the grocery stores.  If your budget is moderate, try mixing in a few higher quality cuts from meat delivery services or direct from farmers and farmer markets.

Why you should consider buying meat from a farmer

We will always recommend first and foremost trying to purchase your meat directly from a farmer.  Whether that is some or all of your meat, will depend on various factors such as budget and convenience. 

Unfortunately, we are currently living in times where these is a big push from media and governments and other global entities to reduce our meat consumption. This is due to the ill-informed notion that meat is simultaneously bad for us and bad for the environment. Therefore, we feel it is absolutely critical to support our farmers and ranchers as best we can.

carnivore diet benefits

Top Reasons To Purchase Direct From A Farm


Purchasing local and direct means there are less miles travelled and fewer middlemen in the supply chain.


Your local farmer is extremely passionate about the health and wellbeingof their herd.


Your money goes directly to a family run business rather than shareholders.


The family run business employs and spends in the local area.


Animals grazed mindfully on pasture rather than feedlots results in a better tasting and more nutritious product.


A more nutritious product means a healthier you.

Best options for buying bulk meat

If you’re undertaking the Carnivore Diet, it makes sense to investigate the option of buying in bulk.

Buying in bulk may or may not save you some money.  A good general rule of thumb though is that buying in bulk can buy you better quality products for the same amount of money you would have spent.

Buying in bulk can also save plenty of time wasted in shopping.

My favorite option for bulk buying is buying half a cow from a farmer.

Carnivore Diet meat

Some farms offer the opportunity to purchase in bulk, by either purchasing a portion of, or the entire animal (such as an entire lamb, or a quarter or half side of beef). This is generally the best value for money.



Other options for buying bulk meat

If a half or quarter side of cow isn’t an option that is either available or appealing to you, there are other options to buying in bulk.  

Bulk grocery stores such as Costco, is obviously a great option.  Alternatively, you might find a butcher that will sell an entire slab of steak and slice it for you.

Another great option is meat delivery services, such as Butcherbox.  There are several companies popping up like this now that source quality meat and sell them on a subscription model.  This means you can order an entire month’s worth of meat of choice cuts and have it delivered to your door – how good is that?

Why you need a freezer (and a vacuum sealer)

If you’re buying in bulk, obviously you need a freezer to store your meat for long-term.  The type and size of freezer will depend on many factors such as how much meat you intend on buying.

You might even need a vacuum sealer for some meat items.  I highly recommend this as best practice to keep your meat as fresh as possible.  Often, buying meat in bulk from a farmer will come vacuum-sealed already, but not 100% of the time. 

Additionally, if you find a great deal at the butcher or the grocery store, either on general sale or marked-down, you will want to ensure this is vacuum sealed to ensure shelf-life.

Barbecue and smoker reviews and buying guides

Now it’s time for fun.  This is where you make the meat taste good.  Outdoor cooking is probably the best thing on the Carnivore Diet.  The meat tastes better, and there’s much less clean-up involved.

A barbecue is absolutely essential on the Carnivore Diet.  Cooking meat over fire is how it’s meant to be done. That’s how we’ve eaten for millennia and that’s why it tastes so good.

What is a carnivore diet

Other handy outdoor cooking appliances can include a smoker and a rotisserie.

A smoker is not essential, but is very nice to have.  Slow cooked meat infused with a smoky flavor is absolute joy. Having a smoker enables better results with certain cuts of meat such as brisket and ribs.

A rotisserie also is non-essential but is very nice to have to change things up.  Similar to a smoker, having a rotisserie enables certain cuts of meat to be cooked to their full potential.  If you’ve ever eaten at a Churrasco style restaurant, then you know what I’m talking about.  Once you have picanha (rump cap) cooked over the rotisserie, you’ll never go back to slicing and cooking it as steaks ever again.

We review outdoor cooking appliances and provide you with our honest and unbiased opinion to help you choose the best barbecues and smokers to enhance your Carnivore lifestyle.

Air fryers and other kitchen essentials

Air fryers have become quite popular these days, and for good reason.  They cook food with a crispy outside and a juicy inside, in a fraction of the time.

Most items that are popular in an air fryer would not be consumed on a carnivore diet, but that doesn’t mean the air fryer is useless to us.  A good air fryer can cook amazing chicken wings, crispy offcuts and a juicy steak.  The added bonus of an air fryer can be less clean up.  It is much smaller than a conventional oven (so less size) and it contains juices and grease splatter (so no requirement to wipe down the counters, the cupboards, the stovetop, the range-hood, the floor and even the ceiling)

Other kitchen essentials include:

A well-stocked kitchen for the Carnivore Diet can be very minimal.  Minimizing quantity allows you to maximize quality, making the Carnivore Diet even more enjoyable.

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