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Get Your Mindset Right

Mindset is so important for virtually every aspect of our lives.  Our mindset affects our behaviour, emotions, and attitudes.  A positive mindset is crucial to achieving success in many areas of life, including following a diet.

Key aspects of mindset when it comes to maintaining a diet include

  • Maintaining motivation
  • Staying focused on goals
  • Dealing with setbacks
  • Building healthy habits and behaviours
Carnivore Diet Mindset

The Carnivore Diet is vastly different from the standard American Diet (SAD) and it can feel quite rebellious at times to go so harshly against the grain.  Because it is so different to what is commonly accepted, an uncommon mindset is required.

These days, far too many people accept poor health as being normal.  It’s not normal.  The increase in metabolic disease and obesity; the increase in autoimmune disease, the increase in depression and mental health issues.  This. Is. Not. Normal.  Do not confuse common with normal.

When you start following a Carnivore Diet, you might find yourself questioning what you previously thought was common and normal.  Ideas and beliefs that have long been held to be true, might seem…. strange, all of a sudden.  We need to focus our mindset and understand this new normal.

Let’s adjust our mindset and rethink normal.

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